Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning  about Blogging

A great place for blogging is Kahala Beach
For many years I've read lots of blogs, but never felt the  desire to write my own.  The Hawaii Google  Apps for Education Summit has provided a lot of tools and tricks based primarily on Google products that are incredibly powerful.

One of the sessions covers how to create a blog by +MarkWagner.  He recommended a number of different ways to integrate blogs into the classroom.  Three key ways he discussed were the following:
1. Teacher blog - provide relevant information for students and parents.  By tracking comments you can see increasing engagement,or identify issues of concern.
2. Class  blog - assign one student to be responsible for daily posts.  Some are very creative and include pictures, videos, etc.
3. Student blog- provides a way for the students to really engage and interact  with class assignments.

He also provided lots of examples -,,,,

I highly recommend attending these kind of summits.  I especially appreciated how the organizers and presenters provided all of their content on-line.  It's a great way to follow-up after an event.